Warner Bros Movie World

For a Hollywood experience on the Gold Coast and experience the action and excitement of Hollywood Stunt Driver, the incredible, unbelievable extravaganza of car stunts, crashes and chases from some of tinsel town’s biggest movies. Warner Bros. Movie World has the biggest and best Super Hero Thrill Rides in Australia.
Is the Batwing Spaceshot the fastest lift in the world? Experience massive G forces as you hurtle 60 metres vertically, and then plummet to the ground! Fly through space to another planet at over 100 kph on the Superman Escape, an extraordinary, Superman fast, roller coaster encounter of mighty G force turns, twists, take-offs and drops. For more adrenalin fuel, soar through time and G forces, hanging off the Lethal Weapon. It is awesome. Then tour through the Wild West on another wild roller coaster ride. There are plenty more activities at Warner Bros. Movie World. Get freaked on the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster Ride; fantasize and play with the Looney Tunes characters at the Kids’ WB! Fun Zone and watch the Star Parade.

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