How To Pack For The Beach Like A Pro

You’ve booked your stay in one of the best Burleigh Heads beachfront apartments, but now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty – packing for your Gold Coast holiday.

If you’re spending a week by the shore, making the most of your daily beach trip requires some strategising to ensure you don’t get burned (or burned out!). No need to stress on this one though; we’ve got you covered with our crash course in packing for the beach like a true expert.


Even the most seasoned beach-goers can space on the basics during the packing rush. With these must-haves, you can easily relish an afternoon on the shore. Before getting sand between your toes, make sure you’ve got the following:

  • Swimsuit/Swimmers/Toggs/Bathers (depending on which state you’re from)
  • Sandles/Jandles/Flip-flops
  • Sunscreen (SPF 30+ or higher)
  • Sunnies
  • Resuable water bottle
  • Large Towel


We know you’re eager to hit the waves, but packing these extras will make your beach trip all the more enjoyable. Impress your beach crew with:

  • An esky packed with lunch, snacks, and drinks. Having chilled food on hand will save you money and let you linger on the shore a little longer.
  • Extra towels, blankets or tarps for a spacious set-up. Spread out!
  • An umbrella and hat for added UV protection.
  • Portable folding chairs (your back and bum will thank you! Bonus points if they have built-in drink holders)
  • Boogie boards, surf boards, water toys and/or a set-up for a volleyball game
  • Toys for the little ones. If you’re traveling with children, packing a bucket, shovel, and other sand-friendly toys will keep the crying to a minimum.
  • Pre-moistened hand wipes (especially if you’ve got those aforementioned children).
  • A book, magazine and/or game that can handle a little sand.


Make way for beach glamping! If you’re in the mood to treat yourself on your next beach holiday, the following items will kick things up a notch:

  • E-reader shield. Get a protective, clear case for your Kindle so you can get lost in anything from your virtual library.
  • Waterproof boom box or speaker set. It’s easy to make new friends when the party’s at your camp!
  • Underwater camera or GoPro. Record your surfing experience firsthand or snap a shot of your best friend diving under the waves.
  • Portable barbeque. Whether you opt for standard burgers or fancy prosciutto paninis, a grill instantly upgrades your seaside meal.
  • Surf ski. If you’ve got room in your car to pack one of these ocean kayaks, your adventurous side will be truly satisfied.
  • A beach tent. Use your sun shelter to wrangle up the kids, eat your lunch in the shade, or find some piece and quiet.

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