Gold Coast Breakfast Hotspots

Whether you’re waking up for a day of relaxing on the beach, or a full day of theme park action, you’re going to need to start the day with a yummy meal. We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite brekkie spots to get your day started, sunny side up.

Located on the west side of Burleigh, Parlour Coffee serve up one of the best coffee and breakfast combos on the Gold Coast. A recent addition to the coffee scene on the Gold Coast, Parlour Coffee have come our with guns blazing!
Whether it be just a regular coffee and banana bread or a mouthwatering hazelnut granola and long black, these guys have it all!

The menu here is so delicious the fact that the coffee is top-notch is just an added bonus. The food is Middle Eastern inspired and the produce is all local and seasonal. Site down and or grab a takeaway and strong through James Street and simply people watch.

Come watch the chef’s work their magic in the quaint Queenslander bakery. The chilled, laidback atmosphere makes this a favourite amongst locals, so be prepared to queue to order. It’s worth it though! Paddock is really one of a kind.

This gem is hidden off the main drag. The café supports local artists and promotes care for our environment. The delicious organic ingredients deliver up an all-day breakfast (a winner for those who fancy a late start) and the super smoothie is like a meal in itself!

Hello coffee in the sun on a Saturday morning! Barefoot Barista serves consistently good coffee, but make sure you get in early on a Saturday morning. The delicious smoothies and large servings attracts quite the crowd. Alternatively, get your morning meal to go and sit on the beach!

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