5 Free Secret Spots On The Gold Coast

No need to stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to – why not chase a waterfall, picnic in the forest or go for a (skinny) dip at a secluded beach. Because we’re so generous, we’re sharing our pick of Gold Coast’s secret spots before the masses hear about them.

1. Currumbin Valley Rock Pools

The Surfers Paradise isn’t the only place where you can enjoy the water. These rock pools are beautiful for an adventure. Scramble 50m upstream to a small waterfall tucked away from the rock pools. The slippery rocks and smooth crevasses make for a perfect slide into the freshwater below. After you’ve indulged your inner seven-year-old, sliding down the rock pools, enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking the rock pools.

Currumbin Valley Rock Pools

2. Greenmount Beach

Forget battling it out between the flags, this gem of a beach will have you escaping the crowds and lapping at the turquoise water in your own version of surfer’s paradise. At low tide you can enjoy the secluded spots around the rocks, or head down to Froggy’s Beach at Snapper Rocks to set up for the day. Coming with a lover? Bring a Love Lock (read: padlock), sign it and secure it the boardwalk. Just like Paris – only at one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll visit!

Greenmount Beach

3. Natural Bridge

The unusual geological features have been created over million of years of water tumbling through the roof of the basalt cave. Even more breath-taking, stay till evening and see the Natural Bridge become home to an illuminating colony of glow-worms.


4. The Wishing Tree Track

It might sounds like an Enid Blyton novel but this journey is as real as the mysterious 2.4 km return trip. Located below O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, the journey will have you passing through a thin track with some beautiful native flora as your guide. You’ll cross a cute suspension bride and wind through overgrown trees to find the Wishing Tree. Make a wish and kiss someone special!

wishing well track

5. Purling Brook Falls

If you’re looking for an adventure, these Falls have your name on them! The peaceful Purling Brook creek bubbles its way over rocks, gaining momentum and eventually rushing towards and over a terrifying 100m drop to the valley below. The 4km return walk down to the waterfall will get you a little hot, but look forward to the beautiful Warringa Pool, or catch some spray from the falling water as you walk.


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